333_Kuranda Paper July 2021_web.jpg
#333 July 2021

This month we reach a major milestone at The Kuranda Paper — 30 years of publishing and 333 editions! Happy Birthday to us and massive thanks to all the volunteers, contributors and advertisers who have been part of our past 30 years. 

332_Kuranda Paper June 2021_web.jpg
#332 June 2021

Successful Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) recipients announced for Mareeba Shire. 

331_Kuranda Paper May 2021_web.jpg
#331 May 2021

Late wet season downpours bring much needed rain, but hasn't broken any records. However we had the pleasure of seeing Din Din (Barron Falls) in full flood which is always a treat!

334_Kuranda Paper August 2021_web.jpg
#334 August 2021

Following on from the many wonderful cultural events and activities of NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Celebration) last month, we now have Spring things and flings to enjoy and look forward to, as a very mild winter draws to an end in August.