347_Kuranda Paper October 2022_web.jpg
#347 October 2022

Enjoy the Kuranda Colour Fest and Spring Festival on Saturday 8 October in the village then at the Kuranda Amphitheatre. The official launch of the Cassowary Art Trail will be happening at 10.30am at Centenary Park.

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#346 September 2022

Celebrating World Cassowary Day on 26 September! Also getting ready for the launch of the Cassowary Art Trail and the Kuranda Colour Fest and Spring Festival in October!

345_Kuranda Paper August 2022_web.jpg
#345 August 2022

This month we feature Ian Whittaker's book on local potter Peter Thompson (aka "Peter Potter") titled "Clay and Spirit". Thompson is a remarkable Kuranda craftsman and artist, and one of Australia’s most accomplished practitioners of wood-fired pottery.

344_Kuranda Paper July 2022_web.jpg
#344 July 2022

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Kuranda Arts Co-op! The "Kindred" Exhibition to celebrate their birthday opens 29 July and runs until 31 August.